Monday, December 13, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about WikiLeaks recently. So many things to discuss... I'll summarize my position and the point to other articles I liked.

I think that what WikiLeaks did can be considered an act of information warfare and should be dealt with as such. The alleged source (Private Bradley Manning) should be charged with treason and sabotage, but WikiLeaks certainly aided in that regard and should be held accountable. I find it appalling that many in new and old media are justifying WL as transparency, etc... The WikiLeaks organization claims to be a "news" organization but also claims to be an "activist". Sorry guys, one or the other...

Check my FaceBook profile for links and comments I've done there. Also, I am particularly grateful for the ongoing discussion with Lillian over at The Atheist Conservative. Check out the following links for some of my contributions:
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I've also written some thoughts as part of a conversation with a friend. I've posted these here.

Some of the links I've shared or would like to share about the topic include:

As always, I enjoy discussing these topics and will gladly continue to do so. Just comment on the blog or get in touch with me.


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