Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Online Safety Tips for Parents


In one of my first forays into volunteering in the Parent Council for my son's school, I'll be working with other parents on a presentation on Internet Safety, Social Networks, etc... to be delivered in early Februrary.

Yes, I've lived on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn for a long time now, but it's one thing to be comfortable in it and another to give advice to your peers. In my case, I'm at a disadvantage because my son is just 5 (still in SK) whereas the parents of the school have to deal with pre-teen and teenagers as well. Just like I learned a lot about parenting a toddler, then a pre-school kid, I'm sure I'll learn a lot as both our kids grow up...

Needless to say, I started my research early. I'm still working on the presentation, but one resource I wanted to share with EVERYBODY is Connect Safely . Lots of wonderful content and links to other sites - NetFamilyNews and SafeKids come to mind.

I don't know what content I'll include in the presentation - there is SO MUCH to talk about and we only have one hour - but I know for sure I'll refer to the advice posted there.

Thank you to Anne Collier for all the assistance and a big thanks to Lenore Skenazy of FreeRangeKids for pointing me in the right direction.

PS: FreeRangeKids deserves a post on its own. Soon....