About this Blog

After many, many years reading blogs, commenting, etc... I think I concluded what I wanted to present online. I'm separating my "online presence" as it is in three distinct elements:
  • Presence in social networks. Find me on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, App.Net and others.
  • A "non-IT" blog (this one) where I post my opinions on pretty much anything.
  • An "IT" blog (NetSecRamblings) where I comment on security, networking, technology, etc... Also a place where I keep short notes about useful things I picked up along the way.
I fully expect to make some rookie mistakes early on and hopefully learn from them.

Note: Content will be posted in English. I can understand comments in Portuguese, Spanish and some French.


All this effort - online presence in multiple places - is NOT as high a priority for me as other things, so don't expect frequent posts. That being said, I plan to keep this effort for the long run.